VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY - Create an inspiring vision

A 2019 study by WordStream found that 51% of marketers reported that video as their highest-ROI content form. Are you participating in the future of marketing? Video is a compelling and fast way to educate consumers and provide new insights to your products and services. Let Acool Media craft custom video and photography to help drive customers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Explore your brand identity in a new way, or offer customers an incentive to take action now—all within this visually inspiring new format.

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BRANDING & REBRANDING - Uncover your brand personality

Your "brand identity" goes beyond a fun tone of voice or your color palette. Marketers refer to it as the combination of verbal, visual and emotional attributes that define a company and set it apart from its competition. A strong brand identity is easily recognizable and instills an instant connection with customers. A weak brand identity can make potential customers lose trust. We’ll help you discover what makes your brand special. Then we’ll develop a marketing strategy for small business that instantly connects with your target audience and inspires them to take action.

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WEB DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & E-COMMERCE SHOPPING CART - Always response, mobile-first development

Your website is the core of your business. All marketing roads lead to your website, so when leads arrive, it should be a welcome place to stay awhile (and take action). At the heart of any successful integrated digital marketing campaign lies your website. No matter where you or your customers are, your website domain represents you. Does yours serve you well? We build websites that do exactly what they need to do for your business and nothing that they don't. Blazing fast load times and highly responsive designs for desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets are essential. We'll create a user-friendly, seamless web experience including planning, design, information architecture, content, coding, search engine optimization, browser testing, launch, integration, security patches and updates.

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Explore our portfolio of happy customers and see for yourself what Acool Media has to offer. Our integrated marketing strategies include content marketing, social media, web development, SEO, graphic design and digital advertising. We marry all of our digital marketing services together to produce a seamless final product that carries across channels and elevates your brand. Scroll to see our work in action: